Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Motor City Turtle

Turtle arrived at my house exhausted and very thirsty (he is still upset about the lack of complimentary beverage with USPS’s first class service). He asked if he could just hang out for a few days, as his trip to the Big Apple visiting Alicia and her family completely wiped him out. He spoke fondly of his time there, and did express pangs of regret for getting carried away at the wedding reception. (Turtle asked me to make sure you knew this, Alicia)

I told Turtle to help himself to whatever beverage he liked, and walked into the living room to find he had downed a whole 2-liter of Diet Pepsi Jazz Strawberry and Cream.
I was quite shocked! I had no idea a turtle could be so thirsty.

Being that both DH and I work during the day, Turtle said he would be very happy just laying around the house. He seemed to get along quite well with my cat, Strider, as this scene was witnessed more than once upon arriving home from work. They must have been having a great time with DD’s toys.

We enjoyed Turtle’s company in the evenings, and talked about everything under the sun. But for some odd reason he would start to mention something political, and then stop himself. It happened several times, and left us scratching our heads wondering why he is unwilling to open up on that subject.

After a few days of R&R, Turtle said he felt up to doing something fun. We asked him if there was anything in particular he wanted to do and he mentioned something about Sander’s Hot Fudge. Unfortunately, neither I nor my DH knew what he was talking about so instead, we took him to the Michigan Renaissance Faire!

First stop was the food court where Turtle shared a plate of potato skins with Moira. I was expecting to get a bite or two, but by the time I finished taking the picture the skins were GONE!
Turtle really got into the spirit of the Faire, though he was a bit disappointed that he hadn’t brought his own costume. He seemed not to mind so much when he realized that Moira was sporting a puppy harness.

When it was time to go Turtle tried every delay tactic he could think of including: saying we hadn’t seen the joust show for the third time, he was sure there was a section of merchants that we skipped, and throwing himself down in front of the wagon tires.

I don’t know who was more upset with having to leave the faire, Turtle or Moira.

But, alas, we had to leave our foray in to the past, and both Moira and Turtle were sound asleep before we hit the interstate. For a little guy with stubby legs, Turtle sure did a good job of keeping up with our wagon, so I am not surprised he zonked.

The next morning, Turtle thanked us for the great time and said he must be on his way. He mentioned how much he had enjoyed his stay in South Dakota, and was wondering if maybe he should head west again. He also mentioned that Florida might be nice, or Texas, or even Maine. To be perfectly honest, I don’t think Turtle has any idea which direction he is headed, though he did say he has hopes to be at a great party for Labor Day. Bon Voyage, Turtle!
P.S. – Turtle had hoped to drive to his next destination, but I quickly put the kibosh on that idea when I pointed out that a. He wasn’t properly restrained in the Jag, and b. It is a scale model. He reluctantly let me take him to the Post Office.


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I've been meaning to check out the Renaissance Faire. Looks like it was a great time!

August 26, 2010 3:49 PM  

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