Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Instructions: How to post to this blog

1. Email Saartje at: giddybug at gmail dot com so I can send you an invitation to join the blog.

2. Accept the invitation and follow the instructions for setting up a Blogger account if you don’t already have one.

3. Go to www.blogger.com. Log in.

4. You will now see the Blogger Dashboard. Under Blogs you will see the blog name Tracking Turtle. To the right of the blog name, there will be a green plus sign under “New Post.” Click on the green arrow.

5. You will now be on the correct page to post to the blog. Put a title for your entry in the line that says “Title.”

6. Upload your photos before typing your entry. To upload a photo, look at the icons above the field you will type the entry in; the one on the far right looks like a snapshot of a mountain. Click this icon.

7. You will now be in the window that allows you to upload photos. If you will be using multiple photos in your post, click on “Add another image” until there are as many fields with buttons beside them saying “Browse” as you need.

8. Press the “Browse” button. Select the photograph on your computer that you want to upload. Click on the “Open” button.

9. Repeat 7-8 as many times as needed until you have selected all the photos you wish to upload.

10. Select where in your post you would like your images to appear (left, right, or center).

11. Click on “Upload Image.”

12. Wait while Blogger uploads your images.

13. Click “Done.”

14. This part is a little tricky: Each photograph you’ve uploaded begins with “< a ” (minus the quotes and the spaces) and ends with “< / a >”. The final one will have “undefined” after its “< / a >”. I suggest adding a couple of returns between the end of one photo and the next before you begin typing. Also delete the word “undefined.”

For text you want to appear before any of the photos, type it above the first photo — before its initial “< a”. If you want text to appear beside or under a photo, type that text below that particular photo. If you want text to appear at the end, type it below the last photo.

Please note that if you have a very particular format in mind, you may have difficulty achieving it. This is one of the difficulties of using Blogger. It’s a free service, though, so I think this makes it worth putting up with a few quirks. :)

15. Click the “Publish Post” button.

NOTE: Do not attempt to use the “Preview Post” button. It’s quirky, and may delete all your photos, forcing you to upload them again!

16. Click on “View Blog.” If there’s anything you want to change on your entry, click on the pencil in the lower right corner of your post and edit as needed. (Again, do not attempt to preview your post — just post it, and correct if needed!)

17. Happy with how your post looks? Go let the BBB know that Turtle has paid you a visit!


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