Thursday, July 13, 2006

Darker issues at work here?

Now, what I have told you happened to turtle is really speculation. I assumed Yorkie had done the head damage but now there is just a tiny question mark in my mind. Did Bob reveal his liberal leanings to my Limbaugh loving husband? Did Dennis retaliate by sanding his head off and casting him out to a Tom Daschle supporting household? Could he be that cruel? OR is Bob a conservative posing as a liberal making the circuit of a largely Dem BBB trying to gain insight that will help us with the next election? If he visits you better pat him down before you send him off because he may be hiding secrets in his socks. Oh, yeah he doesn't have socks. Now, I know someone is going to come back to me and say that a turtle's brain must be the size of a pea so he MUST be a conservative.
Just funnin ya'll!

Just wondering what turtle's views on Vax, circ, breast feeding and cloth diapering might be....I have to tell you guys that when I saw that Daschle bumper sticker I laughed so hard I peed a little... Jeanne knows me well enough that I would get a big kick out of that.


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